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"Saturday's Child" was a Federation mission in the game Star Trek Online, part of the "Romulan Mystery" episode.

The mission was removed from the game in the 29 January 2015 update as part of a revamp of its episode for the game's fifth anniversary.


<rank>, we have a delicate situation in Romulan space.

The Aelaseans are independent from the Romulan Star Empire. Hundreds of years ago, the Aelseans were some of the fiercest warriors in the galaxy, with technology that was far beyond what the Klingons, the Romulans or the Federation had at that time.

They could have become a major power in their own right. Instead, when they realized that their warlike ways would lead to their own destruction, the Aelseans willingly rejected almost all technology and turned to a tribal way of life. Since then they have isolated themselves, and even the Romulans have been content to leave them in peace.

The Aelas System is one of the major sources of topaline in the quadrant. The Federation has sent an envoy to negotiate with the Aelseans leaders for mining rights, and we are to do everything in our power to ensure that these talks go smoothly.

Your orders are to patrol the Aelas system and keep an eye out for trouble. Nothing should disturb the negotiations until they are concluded.


The player battles Romulan warbirds patrolling the Aelas system and warps to Aelas IV, where he/she fights more Romulan ships as well as vessels from the Klingon Empire. The player then beams down to the planet.

On the surface, the player escorts Aelasan Princess Sena back to her village and protects her from Klingon warriors on the way. Once at the village, he/she is greeted by Admiral Leonard James Akaar, who explains that the Elder Chief of the Aelasans would like to speak to him/her. The Elder Chief says that an ancient prophecy says that the Aelasans will be annihilated by a falling star and announces that they will give their allegiances to whichever side destroys the “Sky Demon” first.

The player beams back up to his/her ship and engages the Klingon fleet led by the IKS Kang. When the Klingon ships are destroyed, the player repels the Kang and fires at the falling asteroid until it is destroyed.

Akaar signals the player and thanks him/her for destroying the asteroid, announcing that the Aelasans have agreed to supply topaline to the Federation, and the player returns to sector space.






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