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As the Rebellion plans to strike the Alliance with a newly constructed fleet, Intendant Kira plots to take back Bajor - and more.

Publisher's description

Star Trek: Deep Space Nine: One fallen dictator's struggle to regain her power leads to the discovery of a bold rebel plan for a decisive military strike that will bring down the Alliance, once and for all. But while Kira Nerys navigates the tangle of politics, sex, and military intrigue that she believes will allow her to reclaim her station, cracks form in the rebel leadership, leading to a showdown that will change the course of the mirror universe.


While Intendant Kira avoided being captured by the Alliance, as was Regent Worf, she lost her position and has been made a slave of Worf's successor, Martok. Martok has had a request from Bajor to send Kira home to Bajor in disgrace, to be dealt with by the new Intendant, Ro Laren.

Meanwhile, the Terran Rebellion have obtained a Romulan cloaking device and have equipped it on the Defiant. With the cloaking ability, they are able to attack Cardassian vessels at will, although Miles O'Brien is uneasy at taking the lives of those whose deaths may mean little to change the course of the war.



Julian BashirBeqarZim BrottSkrain DukatSarina DouglasDurasMichael EddingtonGarvigCal HudsonKeiko IshikawaKira NerysKronaKurnLeetaLi NalasMartokEnrique MuñizLisa NeeleyMiles O'BrienQeyhnorReeseRonakRo LarenSakonnaSito JaxaLuther SloanTahna LosEzri TiganKasidy YatesZek
Referenced only
Bareil AntosJadzia DaxDemrikYeroff FuchidaHervogKira MeruMoghGeorge PrimminHoshi Sato IIILenaris HolemSirellaBenjamin SiskoSpockStevensJanel TiganNorvo TiganYanas TiganT'LaraWorf
Primary universe references
Julian BashirKira NerysKeiko O'BrienMiles O'BrienBenjamin SiskoZek


First CityTerok NorEmpok NorQo'noSTrivasVareth Dar
Referenced only
AjilonAlgiraAlmathaAmleth IVAmleth NebulaBadlandsBajorBajor VIIBajor VIIIBardeezi PrimeBetreka NebulaBynausCardassiaCoranumCuellarCuellar IVFerenginarGoralisKorma IIKorvatLovalMount KolaNew SydneyParek TonnRakal systemSapporaSappora VIITorr

Starships and vehicles

Capital Gain (Defiant-class) • Defiant (Defiant class) • Jadzia (Defiant class) • IKS Negh'Var • (Negh'Var-class) • Terra Victor (Defiant class) • IKS Ya'Vang (Vor'cha-class)
Referenced only

Races and cultures

Referenced only

States and organizations

Alliance CouncilAlliance News NetworkBajoran ParliamentHouse of MoghKlingon-Cardassian AllianceKlingon Ninth FleetTerran Rebellion
Referenced only
Breen ConfederacyCardassian UnionDetapa CouncilImperial IntelligenceKlingon Defense ForceKlingon High CouncilNew Sydney SecurityObsidian OrderOrion SyndicateTalarian RepublicTerran EmpireTholian AssemblyTigan Mining ConsortiumTzenkethi Coalition

Other references

ablative armorAlvanian brandyantimatterastronomical unitBlessed ExchequerCircassian figcloaking devicedeuteriumdilithiumDivine Treasuryd'k tahgduraniumescape podFek'lhrfusion corefusion reactorGrand NagusGre'thorHe'meshholovidindustrial replicatorintendantIntendant of Bajorjossa flowerkelboniteKlingoneselight yearmauk-to'VormevakRakantha marbled cheesePel'hathpetaQpergiumphaserpressure doorqapla'qelI'qamquadrotriticalequantum torpedoraktajinoregentRhombolian butterspringwinetaHqeqTeraTerranTholian silkToDSaHTreaty of RegulonturbolifturidiumVulcan molluskwarnogwarp driveyIntaghYolava


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