For the 24th century Starfleet admiral, see: Savar.

Savar was a male Vulcan, born in Earth year 1824, who became one of Vulcan's most respected space explorers.

In 1875, he wrote the precepts that would form the basis for the creation of Vulcan's Offworld Service, of which he would become the first Prefect. Those precepts, which also came to be called "Savar's Prime Directive", posited that the sociopolitical implications of interfering with any alien society before they were ready, even by revealing their existence, was too grave a risk to assume. This philosophy was often expressed by the axiom, "Destruction before detection."

Savar was part of Vulcan's first observational mission to Earth, arriving in the Sol system in 1943 after a ten-year transit. He would visit Earth three more times, the second accompanied by his eleven-year-old daughter, T'Lera, and the fourth under T'Lera's command.

That final voyage -- which also included his grandson, Sorahl, as navigator -- ended in tragedy, when two retro-thrusters failed simultaneously, and the ship plunged into Earth's atmosphere. As part of the self-destruct protocol, Savar was ejected from the vessel, dying at age 221.4 years. (TOS novel: Strangers from the Sky)

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