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Enterprise rescues a Druzian named Lucius, only to learn he is a time traveller from thousands of years in the future. On his home planet Druzilum in their time period, the prophet Joran is about to be put to death, an incident that will see the birth of a new religion and wars between those who believe Joran was their saviour who rose from the dead after three days and those who believe he was a fraud. Lucius, a member of the latter group, has travelled back to change things and steals a shuttle to travel to Druzilum.

Archer follows him and, as the people are asked the question whether or not to free Joran, sees Lucius use his advanced weaponary to gain the people's attention and try to tell them of the future. Archer stuns Lucius and tells the people to follow their own beliefs. Lucius recovers and attacks him, being killed by a shot from his own weapon. Archer then accidentally beams Joran back to Enterprise with him before returning to the surface.

Archer re-reads the religious text Lucius brought with him, which now refers to Joran being taken back to the creator and then returned in front of everyone, converting the crowd into believers and allowing his teachings to spread, so that by the 25th century they were a peaceful society. T'Pol advises him to conceal the truth of Enterprise's involvement to avoid destroying Druzilum's new future.



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