Savro Kerav was a Ruddy Orion man who lived in the late 23rd century in the Orion Colony on Daros IV. He was a member of the Kerav Family, one of the ruling Five Families.

Savro was born on Daros IV, and though he was a Kerav and nephew of clan head Merkos Kerav, his mother was the youngest of Merkos' twelve sisters, which placed him in a fairly minor position. His life and career were just as unimportant, and only his mother's whining pleas to Merkos secured him a position as a port official in the Kerav-held sections of Daroskelar Starport. In this role, he met arriving ships, collected landing fees and berthing charges, inspected cargos and transported representatives to the starport control centre.

He wished to boost his status by making a valuable deal for the Kerav Family, and when TransSolar's Eridani Star arrived at the starport in reference stardate 2/1412 (circa 2273) with a cargo hold full of electronics goods to sell and hopes of a negotiating a trade agreement, he attempted to seize the opportunity. He tried to persuade the ship's captain to sell the goods to his family, through his broker brother Elkar Kerav, though he would grow angry if refused or told that they hoped to deal with the Keros Family instead.

Despite his low rank, Savro was arrogant, convinced he had some influence and power within the Kerav family, and unreasonably proud of his place as Merkos' nephew, a fact he tried to use to impress others. He was also impatient and vain, and always wore flashy and brightly colored clothing. Savro was also annoyed that Uncle Merkos would not let him visit the new and luxurious family villa at Skaroskar, which drove him to hit the Saurian brandy.

At the time, Savro was aged 30, had a height of 5'8" and weighed around 160 pounds. He could speak Galacta fluently. (FASA RPG module: Orion Ruse)

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