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The Scaean Gate was an Earth landmark from Greek mythology. It was the gate breached by a Trojan horse during the Trojan War.

History and specifics[]

The Scaean Gate defending the walled city of Troy had never been overrun, but Troyians feared that it would because of the dangerous political presence of their queen, Cassandra. (TOS - Star Trek: The Manga - Kakan ni Shinkou comic: "Scaean Gate")

Cassandra foresaw in a vision that the Scaean Gate would be opened for the Trojan Horse and lead to the destruction of Troy. The events came to pass, leading to her enslavement and the murder of her father King Priam. (TNG novel: A Call to Darkness)


In 2268, Leonard McCoy compared the Scaean Gate to the peace process between warring Elethia and Alsand. Elethian Queen Apathei used an android thirsk to collect technological data on the starship USS Enterprise, which acted as a proverbial Trojan horse, and McCoy compared himself to the Troyians that let the horse through the gate. (TOS - Star Trek: The Manga - Kakan ni Shinkou comic: "Scaean Gate")