Scaptar is a Klingon planet located in the Beta Quadrant just within Klingon territory along the edge of the Federation-Klingon Neutral Zone border. It is not far from Necros and was located in a star system with one star.

A Klingon base on Scaptar included several buildings. A launch facility supported least one Klingon transit-hopper shuttlecraft. Equipment included some masterslave robots.

From the surface, the sky appeared yellow-orange.


In 2265, following a mutiny, the Federation guardship Dorado fled for sanctuary to the Klingon Empire. As they approached the border, they requested a parley with authorities on Scaptar. A transit-hopper was launched into a parking orbit near Dorado and sent an envoy in an environmental suit to speak with the crew. The delegate was actually a masterslave packed with deadly gas. When the robot was exposed, mutineer leader Erhard Voss destroyed the transit-hopper with phasers and sent Dorado into Klingon territory. (TOS comic: "Mutiny on the Dorado")



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