Scavenger base

The Scavenger base

The Scavengers were a pirateical group that lived within the graveyard of ships that surrounded the Vohrsoth's Forge. Consisting of many different species namely Malon, Klingons, Hirogen and even Humans from the mirror universe. All these groups suffered the fate of being trapped within the energy dampening field that prevented escape. To survive within this hostile region of space and from the daily attack of Harvesters from the Vohrsoth, the Scavengers resorted to raiding new vessels trapped within the graveyard for supplies. Each of the species also fused their starships into a single base which was near chaotic to say the least for it possessed different sections each of which were run by one of the four races.

The Scavengers even combined their efforts to create a new weapon, the Scavenger Rifle, which they utilized when they went on raiding missions.

Despite this union, it was unstable at best for the different races constantly argued with another such as the Klingons complaining about the deadly Theta radiation that the Malon produced on their section.


In 2376 the Scavengers attacked the USS Voyager when it was thrust into the Forge, and took many notable supplies from the ship. However, the ship did retaliate in a sense by infiltrating their base with the newly established Hazard team, which was on a mission to steal a rare element from the base in order to get their systems back online.

When Alexander Munro defeated the Vohrsoth and when Voyager destroyed the Forge, the dampening field was dissipated and many other ships were able to escape. It is not known whatever happened to the Scavengers since they fused their ships into one base, but it is likely that the base was destroyed by the resulting shockwave of the Forge's destruction. (VOY video game: Elite Force)

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