The Sceptre of the Sun was an artifact reputed to possess great mystical power. It lay at the foot of a mountain on a planet in sector Vega 6. In 2264, Chang captured the USS Enterprise and brought James T. Kirk, Spock, Leonard McCoy and Montgomery Scott to his castle. He told them that he would destroy their ship if they did not bring him the Sceptre, which he needed to defeat his rival Xandu, and which his best warriors had failed to acquire.

The crewmen were guided on their journey by Chang's servant, Marla. Along the way they were attacked by animate stone giants, which Spock tricked into destroying each other, and encountered Brand and his warriors, who joined them on their quest. When they found the Sceptre, a giant robot guardian attacked them, which Spock disabled after the Sceptre had no effect on it. Upon returning to Chang, Spock revealed that he had deduced that the Sceptre had no magical properties at all, the obstacles they faced were merely illusions, and the entire quest was merely a ruse to distract them while Chang attempted to bring the Enterprise to the planet's surface with his tractor beam. (TOS comic: "Sceptre of the Sun")

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