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Beverly CrusherDataGordonEdward HaglerJaeKaminerKelloggGeordi La ForgeLopezMartinezMotJean-Luc PicardSariel RagerWilliam T. RikerDennis RussellSettiShipleyToriganDeanna TroiWorf, son of MoghXikkixUSS Enterprise-D computer
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AdeleJorkemoJohn KeatsSpot

Starships and vehicles

USS Enterprise-D


Armagosa Diasporaastrometricsbarbershopbridgecargo bayengineeringsickbaystellar cartographyuniverse
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Races and cultures

AndroidBetazoidBolianHumanKlingonSolanagen-based entity

States and organizations

diagnostic teamStarfleet

Other references

alienamino acidanapestic tetrameteranti-grav liftastrophysicsauxiliary powerbacteriabarberbeardbloodbulkheadcaptaincaptain's logcatcoherent graviton pulsecommanderconduitcounselordeflector griddiagnosticdoctor •.dreamelectronvoltEM signatureensignEPS explosionEPS mainsfishforce fieldglobular clustergravimetric disturbancegravimetric interferencegravitongraviton emitterhaikuhippocampusholodeckhoneycombinternal chronometerinternal sensorsisolinear chipjokelieutenantlieutenant commanderliquid polymermedical tricordermetallurgical analysismilkmilk toddymuscleneural implantneural inputneuro-sedativeneuro-stimulantnucleonic interference • "Ode to Spot" • plasma infusion unitpoetrypower gridprobequasi-molecular fluxradiusREM sleepresonance tissue scanscissorssectorsecurity alertsedativeself-diagnosticsensorsensor arraysensor ghostsensor relay emittersentienceserotoninservo fluid systemshore leavesolanogensonnetspatial rupturestardatestructural integritysubspacesubspace containment fieldsubspace field tapsubspace riftsunflowertertiary subspace manifoldtetryontricorderulnaVISORvisual cortexwarp fieldwarp grid couplerwarp-power transfer


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