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Schmitt was a 21st century Human individual, an astronaut in the service of the United States of America's NASA organization.


Schmitt was among the 16 crewmembers of the spaceship ESS Charybdis. Launched on 27 July 2037, this was the third manned attempt by Humans to leave the Sol star system. An alien intelligence took the ship off course, and infected and killed all crewpersons, including Schmitt, in the year 2044. The only survivor was mission commander Stephen Richey. (TNG episode: "The Royale")



ESS Charybdis expedition
ESS Charybdis (BBI-103 class extra-solar survey vessel)
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locations USA, North American continent, Earth (Sol star system, sector 001, quadrant 0, the galaxy's Alpha Quadrant) • Theta 116 VIII (Theta 116 star system, the galaxy's Alpha or Beta Quadrants)
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timeline 2037 (ESS Charybdis launch) • 2038 (NASA loses contact with ESS Charybdis) • 2044 (detour to Theta VIII and loss of all personnel) • 2082 (death of Stephen Richey) • 2365 (USS Enterprise-D investigation after sighting by Klingon cruiser)


Schmitt was listed on the Charybdis mission patch in the original release of the episode, as the patch was a reuse of a NASA patch for the Apollo 17 mission, listing three names including Harrison Schmitt. The patch was updated to exclude the names in the remastered release of the episode.

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