Spock with a schnauzer

The schnauzer was a breed of domesticated dog native to Earth.

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In 2267, a schnauzer was used by the Federation Science Council to demonstrate the safety of a new technology to the senior officers of the USS Enterprise. The officers used a transmutation beam, similar to a transporter beam, to rematerialize a schnauzer whose molecular patterns had been stored in a crystal. The dog immediately became enamored with Spock.

The technology was part of Project Atlas to migrate the inhabitants of the planet Styra to another system. Unfortunately, after Styra was dematerialized, its data patterns were stolen and ransomed by Anzar. James T. Kirk and Montgomery Scott negotiated with Anzar, proposing to restore a rich Styran to pay the ransom. When Anzar agreed, he fell for a Trojan horse ploy. Scott rematerialized the schnauzer, which immediately leapt onto Anzur. He was terrified of the dog and surrendered immediately, ending the crisis. (TOS comic: "The Hijacked Planet")

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