The School of Nirak was a train of thought developed by Nirak who was a student of Surak.

It was developed as a way of amalgamating the teachings made in Tu-Surak and Tu-Jarok. Whether a compromise was successful is a source of debate among its followers for generations. The idea for the adherents of the School of Nirak was not to 'revel' in emotions as the teachings of Jarok teach but not to be as unforgiving towards failure and intolerance. Instead, the more violent of emotions were to be repressed but a virtue could be found in the less destructive passions, namely joy and curiousity. However, it was a requirement in this train of thought to maintain a high degree of temperance to keep the most encouraging of emotions in check.

According to Nirak, it was possible for Vulcans to be joyful but not ecstatic and that grief was to be left at Kal-ap-ton's gate. Furthermore, a Vulcan was to keep their guard against fear, rage and jealousy. Though not as widespread as Surak's teachings, the School of Nirak does have a small devoted following. (Last Unicorn RPG module: The Way of Kolinahr: The Vulcans)

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