Schwin was an Andorian thaan or chan in the 24th century. He was wanted by the Klingons.

It is suggested this is due to Schwin's less than honest nature.

In 2368 Schwin was working as a cook for Marjorie Devarona's expedition team to Rajatha Prime. On the planet the archaeological team discovered a set of valuable harmonic diamonds, after some debate the decision was made that each team member should take one diamond into there care until it was decided what to do with the gems. Uninterested in the value of the gems Jean-Luc Picard opted for Schwin to take care of his diamond.

Unknown to the team the diamonds stimulated parts of the brain associated with primitive emotions, including anger, envy, and greed. As a result the team became increasing aggressive towards each other, Schwin became the second victim of this when he was fatally stabbed by Dr. Hoyle. (TNG comic: "Captain's Pleasure")

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