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Publisher's description[]

Quasars. Wormholes. Cosmic string fragments. Vulcan mind melds. Bioneural gel packs. Dyson spheres.

If you have ever watched a Star Trek television episode or movie, you've heard many words and phrases like these. Over its long history, the Star Trek universe has taken us undreamed-of worlds, employing scientific concepts that often sounded like complete fantasy. After all, a six-foot-tall humanoid couldn't possibly change into a four-pound bird. Or could he...?

Star Trek Science Logs separates the fact from the fantasy. As science adviser on Star Trek: The Next Generation, Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, and Star Trek: Voyager, André Bormanis is the man to whom the writers and directors turn every day when they want to make their "future science" as plausible and comprehensible as possible. And Bormanis would know: he holds degrees in physics and space policy, has conducted research and policy analysis for NASA, and has worked with many top scientists in the field of astronomy and space science. If there is any basis in contemporary science for exotic spatial anomalies or silicon-based life-forms, Andre will find it.

Now you too can benefit from Bormanis' vast knowledge. From antiprotons to xenotransplantation, it's all here: clear, concise, entertaining and 100 percent true (well, almost). With the best of Starfleet – Spock, Jadzia Dax, Harry Kim, Data and others – accompanying Bormanis as your guides, get ready to embark on a bold journey across the unlimited boundaries of science fact.



AlixusReginald BarclayBareil AntosJulian BashirChakotayPavel ChekovBeverly CrusherWesley CrusherDataJadzia DaxMatthew DeckerThe DoctorDukatAlisa FarrellKathryn JanewayMa'Bor JetrelKesHarry KimKira NerysGeordi La ForgeMartus MazurLeonard McCoyNeelixOdoChristopher PikeQQuarkBerlinghoff RasmussenWilliam RikerThomas RikerToby RussellMontgomery ScottKhan Noonien SinghBenjamin SiskoPaul StubbsHikaru SuluB'Elanna TorresDeanna TroiTuvixTuvokWinn AdamiWorf


Alpha QuadrantBadlandsBajorBajoran systemBajoran wormholeCallinon systemDeep Space 9Delta QuadrantEminiar VIIGamma QuadrantMakus IIIMerkoria QuasarMurasaki 312Mutara NebulaNekrit ExpanseNekrit Supply DepotNervala IVNgame wormholeNGC 321Omicron Ceti IIIOrellius MinorPenthara IVPromenadeQuark'sSolStarbase 214Talax


USS ConstellationUSS Crazy HorseUSS DefiantUSS EnterpriseUSS Enterprise-DUSS Enterprise-EUSS Voyager



States and Organizations[]

Daystrom InstituteFederation Science CouncilKazon-NistrimMaquisQ-ContinuumRomulan Star EmpireStarfleetStarfleet CommandUnited Federation of Planets


alternate universebaffle plateBerthold rayBig BangClass-Jclass-Mcloaking devicecomputer corecosmic stringdabodark matterdark matterdeflector dishduonetic fieldduraniumgas giantGuardian of ForeverThe Journal of Starfleet Medicinekaikemacitelight yearmetreon cascadenaniteneutrinoomicron particlepergiumpolaronprobeprotouniversepsionicsPupquantum fissurerogue planetscience logscience officerstarstardateStarfleet Captain's Log Archivesstellar windsubspacesubspace eddysupernovatachyontransparent aluminumtritaniumvedekverteronVISORwarp corewarp nacellewarp speedwormhole


  • Science Logs features an introduction by Jeri Taylor.
  • Accompanying the entries in Science Logs are in-universe log entries recorded by a variety of characters.

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