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*''[[IRW Valdore|Valdore]]'' (25th century)
*''[[IRW Valdore|Valdore]]'' (25th century)
*''[[RRW Lleiset]]''

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The Scimitar-class was a type of Romulan warbird developed in the late 24th century. The prototype vessel of the class was destroyed in 2379.


The Scimitar class was the culmination of a Romulan development program to create a powerful new class to utilise against the Dominion. (TOS novel: Captain's Blood)

The design included a revolutionary Thalaron radiation core, developed by the Tal Shiar, making it a deadly adversary. (Tales of the Dominion War short story: Twilight's Wrath)

Only one vessel of the class was completed as the necessity for such a super-weapon disappeared following the end of the Dominion War. That vessel; the Scimitar, was under the control of Shinzon of Remus, and he used it to destroy the remaining unfinished Scimitar-class vessels to make sure no one could oppose him. (TOS novel: Captain's Blood)

The Scimitar herself was later destroyed when Lieutenant Commander Data of the USS Enterprise-E fired a phaser into the vessel's thalaron core to prevent the weapon from being used to kill his shipmates.. (TNG Movie/Novelization: Nemesis)


The Scimitar engaging its thalaron generators

Scimitar-class warbirds are huge, but even for their size, they have an unusually high amount of weaponry: 52 disruptor banks and 27 photon torpedo tubes. In addition, the class features at least one huge shuttle bay which can hold in excess of 40 Scorpion-class fighters. The class is also fitted with an advanced cloaking device which is undetectable by any previously known means and can also be operated whilst maintaining full shields and firing weapons.

However by the most notable feature of the Scimitar class are the thalaron cores. Scimitar-class vessels are able to create a thalaron discharge which could wipe out all organic tissue on a target ranging from a starship to a planet. To fire the weapon, the ship must splay its wings into a firing position; this takes several minutes, during which time the thalaron radiation is built up from the core. (TNG movie & novelization: Star Trek Nemesis)

By 2387, this design had set the standard for other classes Reman vessels, though it is very likely that they lacked the Thalaron generator the Scimitar possessed. (ST comic: "Countdown")


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Scimitar class

Scimitar class: Emphasized in more angular parts than the curved designs of normal Romulan Warbirds,these vessels have numerous distinctive features such as warp nacelles located on the hull and the arrangements of the wings.

Falchion class

Falchion class: Designed for Engineering captains with two shield layers,the ship have minor differences in the Warp nacelles and the nose deflector array.

File:800px-Tulwar Warbird.png

Tulwar class

Tulwar class: Highly emphasized for Scientific purpose but still be able to remain it's offensive capabilities,these vessels are different to the Scimitar with more open gaps between the warp nacelles,pylons and wingtips.

Known vessels



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