Scindam was a Gorn, an assimilated Borg drone in Borg Collective service in the early 25th century. In 2409, Scindam was one of six named elite tactical assimilated Gorn allocated by the Hive mind to support the Borg Invasion of Defera. (STO - "Borg Invasion of Defera" mission: "Probe: Counter Offensive")


In 2409, the Borg commenced an invasion of Defera Prime to assimilate Preserver technology. A planetary assimilation probe landed near the City and disgorged drones across the Defera Battlezone. The Deferi called upon their allies, the Federation and Klingon Empire, to provide support. (STO - "Borg Invasion of Defera" mission: "Defeating Drones")

Captains Lena Kuzmina and Wek ordered Allied officers to eliminate the elite tactical assimilated Gorn which appear on Defera near the Defera planetary assimilation probe, for these could turn the tide in the battle favor of the Borg invaders. The Allies lured the Gorn elite tactical drones one at a time so they could defeat them. Scindam was one of the six Gorn drones thus killed by the Deferi's allies.

As recognition for defeating all six assimilated Gorn, Starfleet and the Klingon Defense Force awarded the Tyrant Lizard Slayer accolade. (STO - "Borg Invasion of Defera" mission: "Probe: Counter Offensive")



  • Latin scindam means roughly "I will tear apart".

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