Scott Summers, also known by his code-name Cyclops, was a member of the team of a team of mutant Humans known as the X-Men. Summers and the X-Men originated in an alternate reality where 20th and 21st century Earth were populated by a great many being possessing special powers and abilities, owing to mutation and other sources of energy. Cyclops in particular had the ability to fire powerful energy blasts from his eyes. Summers could not control his eye-beams and thus required a ruby-quartz visor to control their emission. He was married to a fellow member of his team, Jean Grey.

In 2268, Cyclops was leading a team of X-Men on a mission when they were transported between realities. The team, attempting to escape from a starship commanded by Deathbird, were piloting a stolen craft of the Shi'ar Empire when they attempted to teleport off the dying vessel in the middle of a psionic rift. Instead of arriving on one of the pursuing ships, the team found themselves materialized in the cargo bay of the Federation starship USS Enterprise.

Cyclops and the team secreted themselves in the cargo area while Wolverine traveled through the vessel's duct system looking for clues as to their whereabouts. When Wolverine reported the were not on a Shi'ar ship, but instead a vessel crewed by Humans, Cyclops considered a decision to take the injured Gambit to the ship's sickbay. The team was discovered by Spock, who had found himself sensitive to the telepathy of Jean Grey and had come into the bay area to investigate. (TOS - Star Trek/X-Men comic: "Star TreX")

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