SecondGen Red-Gold was a second generation Sentry who lived until the 24th century in the 2380s decade.


In the year 2381, he opposed repairing the Federation starship USS Titan after SecondGen Cyan-Gray damaged it because he felt they were intruders. Later, he would lead a battle group against a Null incursion in the Sentry's home system and ordered the Titan out of the battle zone. Following a joint discussion among Sentries after that incursion, Red-Gold lead a rebellion against the FirstGens in order to gain power and control of Titan for himself. In the end his drones that boarded Titan were destroyed and he was forced to ally with Titan's crew when a full scale Null incursion occurred. Together with Titan the Sentries were able to stop the Null once and for all, but Red-Gold was destroyed in the process. (TTN novel: Synthesis)

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