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First officer's log stardate 48303.6. 
All contact has been lost with the Horus Deep Space Array-- a sub-space listening post providing crucial observational data along the Federation's Cardassian flank.
Owing to its strategically sensitive nature, the Federation's flagship
Enterprise, has been dispatched to investigate and if possible reinitialize the array before the Cardassians exploit this situation... That is if they're not behind it already as I suspect.
To further complicate matters the array has drifted into the influence of the nearby gas giant. It's extreme background radiation making direct scanning and transporting nearly impossible.
I'be therefore had to lead my away team to the array by shuttle craft to commence our investigation. As strange as it sounds, I can't shake the feeling that we're setting foot on board some kind of "ghost ship".

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Beverly CrusherDataAlyssa OgawaWilliam T. RikerDeanna TroiWorf
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Alexander RozhenkoWesley CrusherK'EhleyrElizabeth ShelbyThe Traveler

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USS Enterprise-D

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