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Secrets is the first mission in the Age of Discovery storyline of Star Trek Online and part of an alternate tutorial experience for the Federation faction. In-universe, it can be replayed by the 23rd century Starfleet temporal agent from the STO video game: Agents of Yesterday expansion as a "historical simulation". (STO website: Age of Discovery: Secrets)


Mission text
This is Admiral Kensington. I have a special assignment for you. A Klingon raiding party attacked one of our science stations near the Delta Volanis Cluster. Please assist them in any way you can.


Klingon hostiles attacked a Federation outpost in the in the Delta Volanis Cluster but left survivors and stole nothing. Admiral Kensington dispatches a group of Starfleet Academy cadets aboard a Malachowski-class starship.

The mission is followed by the STO mission: "Downfall".



KensingtonSylvia Tilly

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USS Malachowski


Alpha QuadrantDelta Volanis Cluster

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Klingon EmpireStarfleetUnited Federation of Planets

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2256Federation-Klingon War of 2256-2257



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