A sector is an area of space which typically contain a number of star systems and are typically measured as being 20x20x20 light years in size. Most sectors are assigned numbers as they are charted, however some sectors are assigned names after an important star system in the sector.

Notable sectors[edit | edit source]

Alphanumerically designated sectors[edit | edit source]

sector 001sector 002sector 003sector 004sector 005sector 006sector 007sector 008sector 9sector 10sector 12Jsector 18sector 18Jsector 23sector 23Dsector 23Hsector 030sector 031sector 38sector 39Jsector 54Rsector 061sector 63sector 79Fsector 90.4sector 97sector 108sector 109Gsector 117 Thetasector 119-DSector 145sector 213sector 219 Alphasector 220 Alphasector 220 Betasector 221Gsector 221Hsector 262sector 396sector 401sector 418Dsector 441sector 04-70sector 492sector 507sector 949sector 1045sector 1156sector 1385sector 1509sector 1607sector 1608sector 1609sector 2158sector 2520sector 3556sector 3641sector 3658sector 4423sector 19658sector 21305sector 21396sector 21459sector 21503sector 21505sector 21527sector 21538sector 21602sector 21834sector 21947sector 22036sector 22055sector 22139sector 22309sector 22358sector 22402sector 22757sector 22846sector 22853sector 22858sector 23079sector 25013sector 36764sector 37628sector 41751sector 41752sector 41753sector 64238Sector Alpha 19Gamma 7 sectorsector G17sector Z6

Named sectors[edit | edit source]

Akiganel sectorAldebaran sectorAlgira sectorAllicar sectorAlmatha sectorAlpha Centauri sectorAndorian sectorAntedian sectorAntares sectorArchanis sectorArgosian sectorArgus sectorArias sectorArteline sectorBajor sectorBeloti sectorBenecia sectorBeTau sectorBolian sector/Bolarus sectorCabral sectorCamborn sectorCampan sectorCardassia sector/Cardassian sectorCarraya sectorCicada sectorDalmine sectorDelta Vega sectorDevron sectorDiodor sectorDonatu sectorDorvan sectorEcho sectorElias sectorEpsilon IX sectorFicus sectorFoxtrot sectorFries-Posnikoff sectorGamma Hydra sectorGamma Trianguli sectorGand sectorGariman sectorGlessene sectorGlintara sectorGonmog sectorGurava sectorHekaras sectorHyralan sectorIdran sectorIgo sectorJaradan sectorKalandra sectorKaleb sectorKavis Alpha sectorKavrot sectorKepla sectorLagana sectorLan'Tuana sectorLantaru sectorLigana sectorLidara sectorMagellan sectorMariotian sectorMarrab sectorMaxia sectorMekorda sectorMempa sectorMoab sectorMobia sectorMurasaki sectorMutara sectorOmega sectorOmical sectorOneamisu sectorOnias sectorOphiucus sectorOrion sectorParvenium sectorPodaris sectorQav'loS sectorQo'nos sectorsector QuebecRakhar sectorRashanar sectorReydovan sectorRhomboid Dronegar sector 006Rukani sectorRutharian sectorsector RomeoSelcundi Drema sectorShedai sectorsector SierraSigma Draconis sectorSilarian sectorSol sectorTakara sectorTandar sectorsector TangoTarod sectorTarquin sectorTaugan sectorTellar sectorTerra Nova sectorTyphon sectorUmani sectorVaskan sectorVega sectorVega Omicron sectorVulcan sectorWoden sectorZed Lapis sector

Connections[edit | edit source]

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