Starship deploy status

Starship deploy status chart listing Sector 010.

Sector 10 was a region of space, a sector located somewhere in the galaxy's Alpha or Beta Quadrants.

History and specifics

In the year 2364, Starfleet Command ordered a decrease in sensor drone surveillance of this sector, relaying this information to the Federation starships USS Tranquillity Base, USS Max Plank and USS Non Sequitur, as well as Starbase Trailer Twenty-Nine. (TNG episode: "Conspiracy")

In 2365, around stardate 42523.7, the Federation starship NCC-31054 explored deep space in sector 010, under the command of Captain Elaina Vescio. (TNG episode: "The Measure of a Man")

Sector 10 was the location of a small moon where a large Borg cube was constructed. (TNG novel: Resistance)



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