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Sector Sigma-485 was a region of space, a sector in the galaxy's Alpha or Beta Quadrant. Three of its star systems had joined the United Federation of Planets in the 24th century, bringing some stability to the politically fractured area. (TNG novel: Exiles)

History and specifics

Based on Federation surveys, this sector contained 66% fewer habitable planets compared to galactic average. Worlds with sentient life and civilizations gained strategic significance as a result.

By the 2360s decade, the Federation had knowledge of 20 civilizations, of which three had become Federation members. The majority remained non-aligned and jockeyed for power.

Around that time, the region was also plagued by D'aveedi pirates from the neighboring Sector Epsilon-485.

Between 2316 and 2366, these worlds engaged in small wars and at least six short-lived alliances.

In 2356, Alaj became the first world in the region to join the Federation. However, the Alajians proved a reclusive member over the following decade.

Vorgon joined in 2358. (TNG novel: Exiles)

The Vorgons and the Shirna would be involved in conflicts that involved the Temporal Cold War and lasted into the 27th century. (DTI novel: Watching the Clock)

Ta'Trosha IV, homeworld of the sociable Ta'Troshans, was the final planet to join, in 2361.

In the year 2366, impending ecological collapse on Alaj and Etolos forced the Federation to negotiate a settlement between the belligerent parties. The Alajians were an offshoot of the Etolosans. Starfleet dispatched the USS Enterprise-D. Operations manager Lieutenant Commander Data performed the briefing on this sector for the senior staff. (TNG novel: Exiles)

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