Map of the known sector blocks.

A sector block is a region of space comprised of a number of individual sector regions, usually around 100 in number. The boundaries of a sector block are determined, by Federation reckoning, along with radial axes originating in the center of the galaxy. Groups of sector blocks numbering 900 or more make up a larger measurement, the sector quad.

In the Alpha and Beta Quadrant locality surrounding the Federation, sector blocks tend to measure 100 light-years by 100 light-years in width, and 80 light-years in height, accounting for the curvature created by the distance from the galaxy's center, laid out in a 9 ly by 10 ly by 10 ly grid. (ST reference: Star Charts)

Sector blocks[edit | edit source]

Named sector blocks[edit | edit source]

Background[edit | edit source]

All named sector blocks originate in STO video game: Star Trek Online. While the maps present are cursory, the arrangement of the local sector blocks suggests a different use of the measurement system compared to Star Charts.

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