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From the back cover: When a new security guard reports for duty, it sets da Vinci security chief Domenica Corsi off in ways that confuse both her staff and her sometime lover Fabian Stevens. When Stevens confronts her, it only makes matters worse -- until Corsi takes Stevens into her confidence ...

Ten years ago, Corsi served on the U.S.S. Roosevelt. On a trip to the Federation world of Izar, Corsi was assigned to work with a local peace officer named Christine Vale to try to solve a multiple homicide. But the trail of evidence leads down a road Corsi refuses to take -- a decision that will have tragic consequences for the young officer.



Dar AbleenCarol AbramowitzAndrew AngelopoulosMartina BarreCade BennettDennis ChimelisNancy ConlonDomenica CorsiDantas FalcãoBart FaulwellDavid GoldSonya GomezMaxwell HammettVance HawkinsSusan HaznedlLise IrastorzaSoon-Li KimTomozuka KimKira NerysRennan KonyaEllec KrotineAlexandre LambdinRaimond LankfordLauoc SoanElizabeth LenseP8 BlueBrenda PhelpsLaura PoynterRizzMadeline RobinsAnthony ShabalalaSolomanFabian StevensT'MandraAlex TerapaneMor glasch TevChristine ValeMakk VinxHeinrich WaldheimSandy WetzelWinn MaraSongmin Wong
Referenced only
111Julian BashirAgosto CaitanoKen CaitanoTed DeverickDiGennaroKieran DuffyEevraithKelly FleetMarianne GetreuGiacoiaRuth GraylockElra GrenJohannsenKiri KayvenRinic David KayvenGeordi La ForgeLingLuaranMalvoliaNogWayne OmthonPelecanosFrank PowersRaoMontgomery ScottSitokToddmanVan OldenWorfZnirka-Tul

Starships and vehicles

The BeastUSS da VinciUSS DefiantUSS Enterprise-EHyperionUSS MadisonUSS MissouriUSS MusashiUSS MusgraveUSS RooseveltUSS Soval


Alpha CentauriArgeliusArtemis IXAvril StationBajoran systemBerengariaCor Caroli IXCoroticus IIIDeep Space 9EarthEmpok NorFahleena IIIGalorndon CoreGalvan VIGarthtownKharzh'ullaKoasIzarPemberton's PointPhantas 61Pibroch CityPraxisRecreation Station HidalgoRisaSachem IISigma Iotia IIStarbase 74Starfleet AcademyStation Kel-ArtisTarsas IIITenebVenus

Races and cultures


States and organizations

Berengaria EnforcementDominionGarthtown Public LibraryIzar Peace OfficeMermaid's RevengeSato Linguistics InstituteStarfleetStarfleet Command

Other references

ahn-wasapple rancher candyasna dumplingsBentman Prizeblack holecoffeeDominion WarEMHfrimlikeHeyer Arrayhololablaser drillmobile emitterneoclassical Betazoid theatrePrime DirectiveraktajinoRedjacrol-shayaSitok upgradesok-palstealth suitsynthaletarkalian teatype-1 phasertype-2 phasertype-3 phaserV'Shan


  • The unpleasant history between Corsi and Vale first hinted at in SCE eBook The Belly of the Beast, is finally explained in this tale, as is the reason why Corsi first seduced Stevens in Cold Fusion.
  • The "present" framing story of this tale runs concurrent with SCE eBooks #52, 53, 55 and 56.

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