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Log entries Edit

  • Enterprise mission log, supplemental 
    Captain Spock recording. Though I have no proof to support my suspicions, the Romulans will remain in custody-- until we resolve the mystery of the missing time-travel team.
  • Captain's log, stardate 8545.1 
    The Klingon renegade Divak and her co-conspirators are in the Klingon battle cruiser's brig...
    ... And their damaged ship has been destroyed...
    ... Using the dangerous slingshot acceleration maneuver around the Klingon sun--
    -- We've returned to our own time...
    ... We've returned home.


Characters Edit

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James T. Kirk • Hikaru Sulu • Leonard McCoy • Nyota Uhura • Montgomery Scott • Spock • Pavel Chekov

Others Edit

BaragaHaben • Divak • Gral • Rud • Worf  • K'Uda

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United Federation of Planets  •  Starfleet • Klingon Empire

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Klingon disruptor

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