Seerl ti'La was a male Talin from Talin IV. In 2269, he was chosen for a joint space mission between Talin's two primary nation-states, to investigate the suspected presence of alien observers on Talin's moon. Seerl, partnered with fellow astronaut Orr ni'Li, were in lunar space when a devastating exchange of nuclear weapons occurred on their home world. Shortly after, they were intercepted by a Federation Wraith-class shuttlecraft, and brought safely to the Starfleet First Contact Office's lunar outpost.

After being hidden for several days by Human members of the FCO, Seerl and Orr were beamed aboard a vessel belonging to the Richter Institute and transported to Earth. There, they were presented to the Federation General Council as ambassadors from Talin IV, and formally requested Federation aid in rebuilding their world.

Seerl and Orr later returned to the Talin system, where they assisted the former officers of the USS Enterprise in determining how and why the nuclear exchange had been triggered on Talin IV. (TOS novel: Prime Directive)

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