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Sek was a male Vulcan who lived in the 24th century.

He was the eldest child of Tuvok and T'Pel. He was born in 2305.

Between 2371 and 2374, Sek went through the pon farr, mated and became the father of a healthy female named T'Meni, whom was named after his foremother T'Meni. His mother sent a message of this to his father Tuvok, who was trapped in the Delta Quadrant aboard USS Voyager. (VOY episode: "Hunters")

In 2377, Sek sent a message to his father over a datastream sent to Voyager regarding his studies of music, having found exo-linguistics too theoretical. Unknown to either of them, Bajoran radical Teero Anaydis hid a subliminal message set to Vulcan brainwaves in the message, so that when Tuvok watched the message, it activated a mind control program in his psyche that Teero had implanted years earlier. (VOY episode: "Repression")

In 2378, he was briefed that his father was suffering from a neurological imbalance that was only curable through a mind meld. After learning of the treatment known as Fal-tor-voh, he journeyed to meet his father who had returned onboard Voyager after its long journey in the Delta Quadrant. Sek was successful in mind melding with his father and curing him of the disease that afflicted him before its effects had become permanent. (VOY novel: Homecoming)

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