Sekhet was an ancient female deity that was once worshipped by the early Vulcans when they were consumed by emotion. She was a fearsome entity who was the goddess of the desert, heat, fire and destruction. In terms of representation, she appeared as a comly female with a fierce grimacing face of a le-matya with fangs bared for a kill who was known as a passionate war-loving deity.

Prior to the Reformation, a shrine was created in her honor in the lands of Gol where her followers worshipped her. Among her worshippers included the fierce Kolinahru Mindlords that had a fortress stronghold in the region where they sought her aid in their wars to control Vulcan. The ancient altar where blood was spilt was located in the area where a calculating statue of Sekhet resided that inspired both adoration and terror on the planet.

The worship of Sekhet declined during the rise of Surak where his cold logic beliefs defeated her teachings and succeeded in converting the Kolinahru to his ways. The now peaceful mind-lords abandoned the violent worshipping of ancestral and pagan gods. Despite that being the case, the shrine of Sekhet remained and was maintained as well as was guarded from the eyes of outworlders. In fact, her name was envoked by the students of the Kolinahr with the ritual of Sekhet was used in extreme circumstances in order to end emotional links when no other way existed. This was because the Kolinahru recognised the effect of the ritual on the subconscious of Vulcan adherents and that there was an element of power vested in the ancestral group mind by a thousand centuries of worship.

Thus, her purpose was transformed as she still destroyed but not her enemies but rather emotions despite the fact that the Kolinahru no longer believed in the existence of personal goddesses. (TOS novel: Recovery)

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