Selar's family refers to the ancestors, descendants, and relatives of Selar. Her family originated on Vulcan, but through Selar's travels and chaotic life, it grew to include not just Vulcans but also Hermats and an Andorian.

Selar's family Genealogy: ListEdit

  • Votik, the father of Selar and Slon.
  • T'Pyra, the mother of Selar and Slon.
    • Slon, the son of Votik and T'Pyra, who was in a relationship with a male Vulcan named Sotok, and was consequently considered a waste of genetic material by his father.
    • Selar, a Starfleet officer who served as chief medical officer on the USS Excalibur and the USS Excalibur-A. Her sanity began to slip as she obsessed over finding a way to halt her son Xy's rapid aging, ultimately resulting in her death.
      • Thala, a blind Andorian girl who was the daughter of a diplomat named Thev. Her father was killed during the Borg assault on the USS Enterprise-D and, given the Andorian intolerance of physical disability, Selar adopted Thala and took her to live on Vulcan.
    • Voltak, husband of Selar who died during pon farr, traumatizing her.
    • Burgoyne 172, a dual-gendered Hermat who served as chief engineer of the Excalibur and later as First officer of the Excalibur-A. S/he helped Selar relieve her pon farr induced mating urges, resulting in the conception of Xyon.
      • Xyon, also known as Xy, was the child of Selar and Burgoyne 172. Due to his hybrid nature, he matured unnaturally quickly, and was able to serve as a science officer aboard the Excalibur at the age of three.

Mirror Universe Family MembersEdit

Selar's family Genealogy: TreeEdit

Burgoyne 172
Thala (adopted)

Selar's family Genealogy: GalleryEdit

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