Selkye natives are an extinct, unnamed humanoid species indigenous to the planet Selkye in the Zeta Stentor star system.


In the past, Selkye natives developed a thriving civilization on Selkye. Their cities and pyramids bore similarities to Egyptian or Mayan architecture. Unfortunately, evolution on the planet produced species of Selkye toads and beavos which digested life energy and killed all of the animal life on the planet, including the Selkye natives, leaving only empty cities.


Remains of Selkye civilization.

In 2266, one of the cities built by Selkye natives was explored by James T. Kirk, Spock, and Leonard McCoy of the starship USS Enterprise along with Richard Spellman and Jean Ravel of a Federation colonial expedition to Selkye. Given the city's resemblance to relics from lost civilizations on Earth and relief sculptures of the Selkye natives, Spock deduced that they had once been much like Humans. (TOS comic: "Planet of the Dead")



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