Sensor refers to any kind of equipment and technology which is used to measure, record, and detect the environment of time and space.

Sensors can range from a simple visual recording device to technologies which can analyze and detect occurrences in and out of the spectrum of the universe.

Long-range subspace sensor capability required the technology of the transtator. (TOS comic: "Prisoners")

Handheld sensorsEdit

Early handheld sensors took on the form of scanners which had limited abilities and range. By the 23rd century Starfleet used tricorders, a far more advanced sensor technology; there were also specialist tricorders for medical scans.

In addition to general purpose handheld devices, there are hand held detectors and scanners for a variety of specific detection and measuring requirements.

Starship and facility sensorsEdit

Starships generally have much more powerful sensors, capable of detecting a wide range of phenomenon from a great distance. If a single starship is insufficient, groups of ships can be used, as was the case when the first tachyon detection grids were developed to detect cloaked ships. (TNG episode: "Redemption")

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