Sentinel drone

Sentinel drones were autonomous robots which operated in space. They were designed by the Federation early in the 24th century.

History Edit

Circa 2325, in the aftermath of the Palami plagues, the Federation deployed a large number of sentinel drones at the Palami Quarantine Zone to contain the Palami within the Palami system.

In 2375, USS Enterprise-E brought Federation Ambassador Kuhlan to a meeting with the Palami to discuss an end to the quarantine. Kuhlan considered the drones obsolete but had potential to be upgraded. The Enterprise passed through dense fields of these drones before approaching a fleet of Palami starships. (TNG comic: "Forgiveness")

The drones' capabilities were not specified in the story. However, Kuhlan did compare them to Dominion orbital weapon platforms, suggesting that the drones were armed and more complex than mines.



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