The Sergei G. Gorshkov was a Soviet Union Lenin-class aircraft carrier, circa 1995. (TNG novel: Ghost Ship)

The novel was written in 1988, three years before the Soviet government fell in 1991. It seems odd that the defunct government would have an aircraft carrier in 1995.
In real life, there was a 1990s Russian carrier "Gorshkov" (named Admiral Gorshkov in 1991), and the authors correctly inferred the vessel (which wasn't named at the time of the novel's creation) would be one built at Nikolayev -- although this vessel would be out of service at the time of the 1995, having suffered an accident in 1994. Admiral Gorshkov would survive to see 1996, however -- when the ship was decommissioned, and sold to India to be converted into the full-deck aircraft carrier Vikramaditya. See also Admiral Gorshkov at Wikipedia.
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