Sergey Varazdinski was a human male who lived in the 23rd century. A medical doctor, he was a Federation Starfleet Lieutenant Commander.

Varazdinski had completed his medical training and became a doctor prior to joining Starfleet. Instead of a regular uniform, Varazdinski preferred to wear a lab coat over a regulation undershirt.

In 2246, Varazdinski served as chief medical officer on board the colony support vessel USS Narbonne. He accompanied the Narbonne crew to Tarsus IV in order to assist them after a fungal infection imperiled their food supplies.

In the wake of the infection and subsequent murder of 4,000 colonists by then Governor Adrian Kodos, Varazdinski helped lead the medical rescue efforts in the colony. In addition to working to find the source of the fungal infection that caused the crisis in the first place, Varazdinski and his team dealt with the large influx of patients injured in the aftermath of the massacre. (DSC novel: Drastic Measures)

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