Seth Maslan was a human male alive in the latter half of the 24th century. He joined Starfleet and by 2385 was a Science officer holding the rank of Lieutenant.

History[edit | edit source]

During the Borg Invasion of 2381, Maslan lost his family. This led to the young man developing hawkish attitudes about how the Federation needed to be more aggressive about its defense. This led to him being recruited as an operative for Galif jav Velk. During the years following the invasion he was reassigned to different ships quite frequently.

In 2385, Maslan was serving on board the USS Lionheart when Commander Christine Vale came on board to ostensibly take the ship to her new Captain on Starbase 47. Vale was actually on board with orders from Admiral William T. Riker, investigating what actually happened on Andoria and what had actually happened to Doctor Julian Bashir. Maslan openly challenged her decisions on the bridge of the Lionheart when the ship arrived in the system where Bashir was being held.

Bashir was rescued from the classified asteroid prison where he was being held thanks to the efforts of Vale and the Andorian envoy Ramasanar ch'Nuillan. The Lionheart then left for Andor.

Maslan soon received a holographic communications package directing him to eliminate Bashir. Maslan slipped into sickbay with a tricorder broadcasting interference that rendered the part of sickbay where Bashir was staying blind to the Lahit Doctor Rssuu. Maslan tried to inject Bashir with a hypospray holding a lethal concentration of theragen. Maslan intended to concoct a story that Bashir tried to overpower him and inject him with the hypo before being accidentally injected with the hypo. The two men struggled and the hypospray discharged with Bashir getting blasted full in the face with theragen. Before he lost consciousness Bashir managed to disable the tricorder. Realizing what was going on, Rssuu quickly restrained Maslan. Rssuu was also able to save Bashir's eyesight.

After that, Maslan was taken in to custody. Vale and Commander Deanna Troi went to interrogate Maslan. Trying a bluff, Vale informed Maslan that once they arrived at Andor Maslan would be turned over to Andorian custody, however Maslan refused to divulge any information. After the ship departed Andor, Maslan was taken to Starbase 47 to face charges for his attempted murder of Bashir. (ST - The Fall novel: The Poisoned Chalice)

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