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Setlik III was a world in the Setlik system that possesed two continents on its surface. The Barrica Valley was one location on the planet. (TNG episode: "The Wounded", DS9 episodes: "Paradise", "Tribunal", "Hard Time", ST novella: The Slow Knife)

In 2362, Setlik III became the home of a new Federation colony located near the Cardassian border. This location, and the presence of the USS Rutledge in the area, led Dal Laen Enkoa to order his vessel, the CDS Lakar, into the system in order to attack the outpost as he feared they were stocking weapons for an invasion of Cardassia. This attack became an incident known as the Setlik III Massacre as many of the colony's inhabitants were killed by the attack and subsequent invasion by Cardassian ground troops. (ST novella: The Slow Knife)

Captain Benjamin Maxwell would later discover that his wife Maria Huxley and two children had been killed on Setlik III. (DS9 novelization: Emissary)

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