The Sh'Raan class was a name given to a type of 350 meters long Vulcan combat cruiser starship in High Command and Defense Directorate service in the 22nd century. The Sh'Raan-class combat cruiser was a faster and larger variant of the Suurok-class science vessel. (ENT novel: Kobayashi Maru; ST reference: The Official Starships Collection)

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In the year 2152, the Sh'Raan defended the United Earth NX-class starship Enterprise (NX-01) against a trio of Mazarite warships. The Sh'Raan disabled the starships and rescued Ambassador V'Lar. (ENT episode: "Fallen Hero")

In 2154, the reformed Vulcan government lent several Sh'Raan-class combat cruisers to a united Andorian-Human-Tellarite-Vulcan fleet in order to put an end to Romulan attacks in the region. This event led to the formation of the Coalition of Planets less than a year later. (ENT episodes: "United", "Demons", ST reference: The Official Starships Collection)

On July 22, 2155, the Vulcan Defense Directorate dispatched two Sh'Raan-class ships, the DDV T'Jal and the DDV Toth, to destroy Romulan-controlled D'Kyr-class combat cruisers attacking Humans in Alpha Centauri Concordium territory. The Romulans later attempted to capture them as well. While the Toth successfully destroyed itself, the T'Jal was captured and brought to Achernar II for study. (ENT novel: Kobayashi Maru, ENT - The Romulan War novel: Beneath the Raptor's Wing)


The Sh'Raan-class entered service in the 22nd century and was named for the prototype, the Sh'Raan. It was a variant of the Suurok-class science vessel, which entered service at some point before 2136. Both sister classes were also counted as one, called Suurok- and Surak-class. Unlike the crimson red science vessel, the Sh'Raan was copper-colored and faster by half a warp factor. Its surface details differed from the science vessel as well. Some Sh'Raan-class combat cruisers were larger than their Suurok-class counterparts.

The combat cruiser's hull was elongated and thin. It was surrounded by a hoop-like coleopteric warp drive, to which it was connected through a cone-shaped secondary hull. The crew quarters were housed in the secondary hull. Seven rows of brightly lit windows adorned its front. The ship's impulse engines were located in the back, directly beneath the needle-like primary hull. Surface details of different configurations decorated the back of the secondary hull.

A pair of tractor beam emitters could be found on the underside of the primary hull, close to the secondary hull. Navigation lights, also paired, were located between the tractor beam emitters and the ship's bow. The navigation lights were white, whereas the impulse engines glowed red. The color of the warp ring was more purple than blue.

A Sh'Raan class was armed with particle beam weapons and photonic torpedo launchers.

Sh'Raan-class combat cruisers were among the most advanced starships in local space at their time. Weapons, defenses and propulsion systems outclassed Earth's most advanced starship class of the 2150s decade, the NX-class warp 5 starship. (ST reference: The Official Starships Collection)

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(Surak) Suurok-class combat cruiser/science vessel starships
Confederacy of Vulcan, Vulcan High Command
(primary universe)
Ni'VarSeleyaTi'MurSh'Raan-class: Sh'RaanDDV T'JalDDV Tothunnamed VulcanIDIC
Terran Empire, Vulcan
(mirror universe)
Ni'VarTi'Murunnamed Terran Empire Logo VulcanIDIC
Romulan Star Empire, Ejhoi Ormiin Sh'Raan-class: DDV T'JalDDV Toth RomulanEmblem
Borg Collective Seleya Borg



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