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Shadowheart is a 4 comic book mini-series of Next Generation stories. The stories were written by Michael Jan Friedman, illustrated by Steve Erwin, and colored by Charles Barnett.


Title/Number The Lion and the Lamb Dealers in Darkness My Brother's Keeper The Prince of Madness
Writer Michael Jan Friedman
Artist Steve Erwin & Charles Barnett
Cover Artist Jason Palmer
Published December 1994 January 1995 February 1995 March 1995
Cover Issue #1 cover photo Shadowheart #2 cover image Shadowheart #3 cover image Shadowheart #4 cover image



Jean-Luc Picard | William Riker | Data | Worf | Beverly Crusher | Deanna Troi | Geordi La Forge | Lursa | B'Etor

Starships and vehicles[]

USS Enterprise-D (Galaxy-class)


Races and cultures[]

Human | Klingon | Betazoid | android


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