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Captain Archer and T'Pol are taken prisoner during an away mission on a war-torn planet in the Coridan system.



Jonathan ArcherBillyMaxwell ForrestKalevTravis MayweatherMcDermottPhloxMalcolm ReedHoshi SatoThy'lek ShranSopekSovalT'PolTholosTraegCharles Tucker III
Referenced only
Samuel GardnerHarry Houdini


Enterprise (NX-class) • Shuttlepod 1Ni'Var

Races and cultures



Coridan IIIP'JemUnion Station

States and Organizations

Earth StarfleetVulcan High Command

Other references

Andorian aledicobaltditaniumEmerald Cityphase pistolplomeek brothprotein resequencerStarfleet CommandTau Ceti AccordsVulcan ConsulateVulcan database



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