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A Romulan interrogator, Rokan, is assigned to question Harriman about the Starfleet reaction to Romulan incursions into the outer rim and their troop deployment. The dialogue turns into a battle of wills with both of them attempting to expose the other's insecurities: Harriman's feeling that he owes his position to his father and will not measure up to earlier Enterprise captains, Rokan's fears of being replaced with younger men who have more brutal methods.

After both the questioning and a truth drug fail to work, Rokan attaches Harriman to a mind sifter and forces the information from him. He then informs Harriman he will now be brainwashed and returned to Starfleet as a sleeper agent, telling him of other officers who have been turned in the same manner. At this, Harriman reveals they are in a holochamber aboard the Enterprise: Rokan was taken from his ship while he slept, the Romulan who escorted him to Harriman being an undercover Starfleet officer, and the whole interrogation has been a ruse to gain knowledge of the Romulan sleeper agents.



John HarrimanPatrick O'Shea/BerzaRokan
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USS Enterprise-BKissLimeballMyasChR Talon


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The Flying DutchmanglakhHigh Examinerholochambermind-sifter • "The Whiffenpoof Song"


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