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Quark is kidnapped by an alien crew and forced to work aboard one of their ships.


A Jerakan freighter docks at the station, which pleases Quark as the crew will not have made port anywhere in a long time. At the same time, two Bajoran men ask Quark for jobs in the bar, but he refuses to hire them. The Jerakans need exactly two men, so Quark tells the Bajorans to report to the Jerakan ship, which soon leaves the station for the Gamma Quadrant.

The families of the Bajoran men report them as missing and Odo learns that the Jerakans shanghai men into service aboard their ships. To save the two men, Odo plans to board another Jerakan ship and find out where the first ship is in the Gamma Quadrant. Quark, not wanting to be known for helping Odo, attempts to warn the second Jerakan crew, however he and Rom are themselves shanghaied when they board the vessel when it docks.

The second Jerakan ship, the Mekas, leaves for the Gamma Quadrant to rendezvous with the first, the Sarpak. Quark and Rom are put to work in the galley, but fortunately for Quark, Odo has been impersonating Rom all along. Quark and Odo feign the symptoms of Verilian plague, which frightens the Jerakans into isolating themselves in the ship's hold. Odo takes command and contacts the Sarpak and demands that they return to Deep Space 9 with the Bajorans, otherwise all Jerakan ships will be denied access to the wormhole.

Odo, Quark and the Bajorans return safely to Deep Space 9 and the crew of the Mekas are detained. The two Bajoran men tell Commander Sisko and Major Kira that they had a different experience to Quark and Odo, in that the Jerakans on the Sarpak actually treated them well. Sisko and Kira suggest that if the Jerakans are more open in the future and do not force long service without contracts, there might be opportunities for Bajorans to work on their ships.

Quark finds that Rom has taken over the bar while he was away, but is nonetheless happy to be home.



Julian BashirBokJadzia DaxKarsKira NerysMiles O'BrienOdoQuarkRomBenjamin Sisko


Bajoran wormholeDeep Space 9Gamma QuadrantOperations centerQuark's
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Merak III

Starships and vehicles

Mekas (Jerakan freighter) • Sarpak (Jerakan freighter)

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Bajoran MilitiaCardassian UnionStarfleetUnited Federation of Planets

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Virilian plague


Background information

  • The comic was reprinted in 1996 by Boxtree and In 2019 by IDW.

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