Shanok on Horst III.

Shanok was a noted Vulcan archaeologist who was known to have made extensive studies on the Garidian Lawgiver and the Followers, who had fled Garid with the Fifth Scroll. Shanok discovered one of the spaceships they fled in, the logs of which indicated that they had found an M-class planet suitable for colonization. This was later found to be Frigis.

He also has been studying the ancient Chodak civilization and their ruins on the planet Horst III by 2370. Having discovered samples and artifacts, he sent some isolinear rods to Mertens Orbital Research Station. However unwillingly this caused a Chodak probe to attack the station.

The archeologist was sought after Garidian revolutionaries and scholars who wished to know the truth behind the Lawgiver and his Followers, however since they were believed to have fled to what was then Federation space, Garidians would not follow up on that research. According to Federation Archeological Survey records, the USS Enterprise located Shanok on Horst III.

Shanok was forced to temporarily abandon his work on Horst III due to a Romulan invasion fleet passing nearby. (TNG video game: A Final Unity)

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