The Shashpar was a Federation starship, a Kumari-class battlecruiser in Andorian Imperial Guard service in the 2360s decade. (TNG - Through the Mirror comic: "Issue 2")

Service historyEdit

In the year 2369, the Shashpar was in the Ranier system when it was raided by officers of the Imperial Starfleet, a force from the mirror universe. Captain Jean-Luc Picard and Commander William T. Riker of the ISS Enterprise-D personally led the raiding party. The Terrans stole numerous components of the Andorian ship. The crew of the crippled Shashpar dispatched a distress signal, which was received by the Federation Starfleet starship USS Enterprise-D.

27 hours later, the Enterprise arrived to lend aid to the Shashpar. Commander William T. Riker and his away team rescued Lieutenant Commander Throllob and the other remaining survivors. Enterprise chief engineer Geordi La Forge prevented the loss of the Shashpar by ejecting its warp core. The remaining survivors were brought aboard the Enterprise, where Captain Jean-Luc Picard and Commander Riker were shocked to learn the identity of the raiding party from Shashpar's video recordings. (TNG - Through the Mirror comic: "Issue 2")




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