The Shedai Avenger was one of the Serrataal Shedai awakened by the Shedai Wanderer in 2266.

She had slumbered for aeons within the core of a planet, when roused by the Wanderer's call from the First Conduit. The Avenger transformed herself into a blade of excited particles to cut through the core, mantle and crust to the planet's surface. She erupted as smoke from the planet, which was devastated by the tectonic plate shifts and plumes of magma caused by her wake. She ignored the cries of despair and pleas of mercy from the billions of Telinaruul who took her for a deity of their apocalypse. She tore open a mountain to reveal a Conduit which transported her home to the Shedai First World where she allied herself with the Wanderer and the Shedai Maker. (VAN novel: Reap the Whirlwind)

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