Shedai Sentinels were elements of the Shedai species. They had vaguely humanoid forms composed of malleable obsidian and featuring limbs that end in conical formations. They moved rapidly, churning up whatever is underfoot. The sentinel channels a tremendous amount of power. A Shedai Serrataal can manipulate several sentinels at once. Sentinels were used by the Shedai on Erilon, Palgrenax, Gamma Tauri IV, and Jinoteur IV. Sentinels are highly resistant to phaser fire and can batter their way through force fields. Their chief vulnerability is broad-frequency dampening fields, although Klingon planet-mounted disruptor cannons successfully destroyed the Shedai Wanderer's sentinels on Palgranax, leading her to destroy the planet instead. (VAN novels: Summon the Thunder, Reap the Whirlwind)

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