The Sheshar-class was a type of dreadnought starship used by the Elachi in the early 25th century. (STO missions: "Flight from Virinat", "Crossroads at Crateris", "Devil's Choice", "Sphere of Influence")


The class was first sighted by Romulan colonists fleeing the Elachi/Tal Shiar attack on Virinat in January 2409. It transmitted the message "Want... you... want... ship" before disappearing before the refugees could scan it. (STO mission: "Flight from Virinat")

Another such vessel led the attack on the Reman colony on Crateris soon after, but was destroyed by the local militia with aid from a Romulan Republic warbird. (STO mission: "Crossroads at Crateris")

Later that year three Sheshar-class vessels took part in a major Elachi assault on New Romulus. The Romulan Republican Force destroyed the fleet with help from Klingon Defense Force and Starfleet reinforcements. (STO mission: "Devil's Choice")

Another Sheshar-class led a fleet of Elachi ships that invaded the Jouret system through an Iconian gateway discovered there late in 2409. A joint Starfleet/KDF/RRF force led by USS Enterprise, IKS Bortasqu', RRW Lleiset, and Obelisk 1 defeated the invasion fleet. (STO mission: "Sphere of Influence")

Technical dataEdit

The Sheshar-class was armed fore and aft with disruptor arrays and torpedo launchers capable of firing munitions in spreads. The Sheshar-class also features an auxiliary assault craft, which forms the vessel's lower half. This craft is capable of separating from the main vessel to support it in combat. (STO video game: Legacy of Romulus)



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