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Shield of the Gods is a Star Trek: Department of Temporal Investigations ebook by Christopher L. Bennett. It is the fifth title in the DTI series, and the third ebook.


An all new Star Trek e-novella from the world of Deep Space Nine, featuring the fan-favorite Federation bureau the Department of Temporal Investigations!
The stalwart agents of the Department of Temporal Investigations have tracked down many dangerous artifacts, but now they face a greater, more personal challenge: retrieving a time-travel device stolen from their own vault by a rogue agent of the Aegis, a powerful, secretive group that uses its mastery of time to prevent young civilizations from destroying themselves. Blaming the Aegis itself for a tragedy yet to come, this renegade plans to use the stolen artifact to sabotage its efforts in the past, no matter what the cost to the timeline. Now the DTI's agents must convince the enigmatic Aegis to work alongside them in order to protect history–but they must also wrestle with the potential consequences of their actions, for preserving the past could doom countless lives in the future!



DTI personnel
Marion DulmurTeresa GarciaGariff LucslyMeyo Ranjea
Referenced only 
George Faunt
Agent 1652Vilaka Daiyar SemRodal EightMenethMikneeTseechinVersekk
Referenced only 
Gary Seven
Temporal Agents
Referenced only 
Riroa NadaméJena Noi
Other characters
Referenced only 
AthenaCymmenSherlock HolmesJames T. KirkJohn Watson

Starships and vehicles[]

carjet-propelled aircraftmotor vehiclescout ship
Referenced only 
USS Enterprise (Constitution-class) • USS Titan (Luna-class)


Aegis observation postAlpha QuadrantDenobula (Gronim City) • Eris (Eridian Vault) • FethGum NebulaKeekuwaLakina IIQhembembem system (Lant's Emporium, Qhembembem outpost) • Skalat systemTanka Misata
Referenced only 
Aegis homeworldBajoran wormholeBeta QuadrantCardassiaEarthFerenginarUndisclosed star systemVulcan

Races and cultures[]

Referenced only 

States and organizations[]

AegisCarnelian RegnancyColonial ConsortiumFederation Department of Temporal InvestigationsFerengi AllianceFethetrit royal courtRomulan Temporal Assessment GroupTyphon PactUnited Federation of Planets
Referenced only 
Cardassian UnionFederation Temporal AgencyOttoman EmpireStarfleetVomnin BirthrightVomnin Confederacy

Ranks and titles[]

administratoragentassassinassistant directorastronautcannibalconquerorcriminalemperorfarmerguardhunterlaborermastermentormerchantoperativepartnerpatronpolice officerscoutslavesoldiersupervisortax collectortemporal investigatorthieftradervendorwar priest

Science and technology[]

aberrationagriculturearchitecturearthropodaugmentationautomated medical unitavianbenamitebiosignbombcamouflagecannonchroniton field coilClass Mclonecomm pinconsciousness-transfer devicecosmic stringcosmozoacryogenicsdatabasedeflector shielddetonatordimensional pocketdiseaseelectromagnetic bandextinctionfarmingfelinoidfield generation matrix panelfossil fuelfurgenetic engineeringhand phaserhologramhumanoidhypnotic devicehypnosisinsectinterstellar transporterisolytic subspace chargemaneMatheson-Solomon retroanticipation loopmultiphase isotopenuclear energynuclear weaponOmega moleculepath integratorphase shieldingphasing cloaking devicepheromoneplanetpocket paddpollutionprochronistic time driveprosthesispulsar signalquantum slipstream drivequantum stateradiationred dwarfretrocausal waverocketservoshapeshiftersimianstarstasis fieldsterile fieldsublightsubspacesubspace communicationssubspace disruption fieldsubspace interferencesubspace phenomenonsubspace sensortachyontechnologytemporal convergencetemporal scannertemporal transportertemporal tricordertemporal warptentacletetryonthought makerthrustertime preceptortime traveltimelinetransportertransporter jamming fieldtritaniumwarp drivewormhole

Time and events[]

1800 BCE1868237623802370s19th century20th century21st century22nd centuryAprilBorg Invasion of 2381dayHebitian AgetimeTuesdayweek

Other references[]

aegisalleyarmyartartworkassassinationassimilationbarracksbatbazaarbearbranch officebureaucracybuttercannibalismcanyoncloakcolonizationconfederacycontinentcropcuisinedevshirmedogdrug dealingeconomyeliteempireequipment beltethnic groupfactionfertilizerfoodhanging gardenhistoryhuntingindustrial revolutionjewelryKhitomer Accordskiltlatinumleatherlivestockmilitantmusicnikai ballofficeparadeplazapoolpredatorpreyPrime Directiverecordriverroadrope bridgerope laddersadistsandbagsandstonesexualityShaiyusheepSimperian civetSimperian panthersituation roomslave tradeslaverysolventsportstakeoutstallstepwellstereotypestreettenterhookthronetorturetribevalleyVarley extractionvillagewarfarewaterwindowwolf




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