This character is a member of the Sulu family.

Shimizu Hana Sulu (also known as Kalea Graef Hatoyama or Momiko Sulu) (2200-2316) was the wife of Hosato Sulu, the mother of Hikaru Sulu and the paternal grandmother of Demora Sulu. She was born on the island of Shikoku, Japan, Earth.

In 2248, she was a theoretical bio-engineer in Ishikawa village on Ganjitsu. The Albino raided her lab for genetic research, but was thwarted by an eleven year old Hikaru Sulu. The young Sulu then saved Shimizu and Hosato from the Albino's wrath. (TOS novel: Excelsior: Forged in Fire)

She became estranged with her son at some point. Her husband died in the 2280s. She moved to the colony of New Tokyo to care for her ailing older sister, Nori, and left when Nori died in 2291. She moved to the remote Sentik IV colony. In 2315, she began to grow feeble, and her granddaughter, against her wishes, came to care for her. She died after several months of failing health. She left an autobiography for Demora to read and understand her. (TOS - Tales from the Captain's Table short story: "Iron and Sacrifice")

In the comic "Giri", Sulu's mother was named "Kalea-Graef Hatoyama".
In the comic Who's Who in Star Trek, Issue 2, Sulu's mother was named "Momiko".
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